Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the terms and conditions for refund?

1.1. You can ask for a refund against any of your order within 10 days of its date of delivery.

1.2. If you are a guest user you will need to register with the email address which you had used to place your order.

1.3. For any other requests or queries regarding this, kindly write to us at

2. How long does the refund procedure take?

2.1.The refund procedure will be initiated within 24 hours once we receive your product

3. I haven't received my refund yet. What should I do?

3.1. We update our customers through emails once we initiate the refund procedure.

3.2. If our last email states that we have initiated the refund procedure, kindly wait for the process to complete.

3.3. For queries you can write to us at

4. When will I get the replacement or refund?

4.1. We initiate the replacement or refund within 2 working days of receiving the product at our centre.

4.2. For Shipmychip Refund, the amount is immediately transferred to your account.

4.3. The refund/replacement may get delayed or declined if the product received by us is not as per your claim or in case of missing Order ID on the package.

4.4. Time taken to process the Refund may vary depending on the mode of payment. Please refer to the list below:

        1. Net banking: 4-5 Business days

        2. Debit card: 7-9 Business days                                                                      

        3. Credit card: 15 Business days

5. How to know the status of my return request?

5.1. You can see the status of your return at order.

5.2. You can also reply to the email received from Shipmychip support to know the status of your request.

5.3. Every request received at Shipmychip is assigned a ticket number and an acknowledgement is sent to your registered email. Please access registered email and mobile only, for communication with us.

Post receipt of your Return request, we keep you updated on way forward, like approval or rejection of return, pick-up and re-shipment or refund. You can be assured that we are working on your request.