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Acer Aspire Replacement Battery For 5540, 5550, 5560, Travelmate 2420, 3240, 3300

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Acer Aspire 5560 Laptop Battery can fit these models:
Aspire 2420 Series Aspire 2920-3A2G12Mi Aspire 2920-1A2G16Mi TravelMate 6231-301G12
Aspire 2920-302G25Mi Aspire 2920-5A2G25Mi Aspire 2920-3A2G25Mi TravelMate 6252-100508Mi
Aspire 2920-3A2G25Mn Aspire 2920-832G32Mn Aspire 2920-602G25Mn TravelMate 6291-101G12Mi
Aspire 2920-603G25Mi Aspire 2920Z-2A2G25Mi Aspire 2920Z Series TravelMate 6291-6059
Aspire 2920Z-2A2G16Mi Aspire 3620A Aspire 2920Z-3A2G12Mi TravelMate 6292 Series
Aspire 3620 Series Aspire 3628AWXCi Aspire 3623NWXMi TravelMate 6292-101G16Mn
Aspire 3623WXMi Aspire 3640 Aspire 3628NWXMi TravelMate 6292-301G16Mi
Aspire 3628WXMi Aspire 5541ANWXMi Aspire 3670 TravelMate 6292-302G16
Aspire 5540 Series Aspire 5552NWXMi Aspire 5542ANWXMi TravelMate 6292-302G16Mn
Aspire 5550 Series Aspire 5562WXMi Aspire 5560 Series TravelMate 6231 Series
Aspire 5561AWXMi Extensa 3100 Aspire 5563WXMi TravelMate 6231-401G12Mi
Aspire 5590 Extense 4620-4691 Extensa 4120 Series TravelMate 6291 Series
Extensa 4620 Extense 4630 Series Extense 4620-6402 TravelMate 6291-101G16
Extense 4620Z Extense 4630-4791 Extense 4630-4658 TravelMate 6291-6335
Extense 4630-4682 Extense 4630G-732G25 Extense 4630-4922 TravelMate 6292-101G08
Extense 4630G-642G32Mn TravelMate 2420A Extense 4630Z TravelMate 6292-101G16N
TravelMate 2420 Series TravelMate 2424NWXMi TravelMate 2423WXCi TravelMate 6292-301G16MN
TravelMate 2423WXMi TravelMate 2428AWXMi TravelMate 2424WXCi TravelMate 6292-302G161Mi
TravelMate 2424WXMi TravelMate 3010 Series TravelMate 2440 Series TravelMate 6292-302G16N
TravelMate 2470 TravelMate 3250 Series TravelMate 3240 Series TravelMate 6291-6753
TravelMate 3242NWXMi TravelMate 3282WXMi TravelMate 3280 Series TravelMate 6292-101G16Mi
TravelMate 3282NWXMi TravelMate 3300 Series TravelMate 3284WXMi TravelMate 6292-102G16N
TravelMate 3290 TravelMate 4320 TravelMate 3302WXMi TravelMate 6292-301G16N
TravelMate 3304WXMi TravelMate 6291-101G12 TravelMate 4520 TravelMate 6292-302G16Mi
TravelMate 4720 TravelMate 6291-3A1G12Mi TravelMate 6231-100508Ci TravelMate 6292-5B2G16Mi
TravelMate 6252      
Acer Aspire 5560 Laptop Battery can fit these battery codes:
BT.00603.012 BT.00604.006 BTP-AMJ1
GARDA32 LC.BTP01.010 LC.TG600.001

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  • The Acer Aspire 5560 battery made from li-ion battery cells.
  • Every Acer Aspire 5560 battery pack is well packed in anti-static film, sponge and hard box which protect your item in security.


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