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Logitech C170 Webcam Black

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  • Plug-and-play setup, easy ...
  • Clear video calls
  • 5-megapixel photos
  • Built-in mic with noise ...
  • XVGA video recording
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Logitech C170 - Webcam For both Home and Travels

This Logitech Webcam can be an important accessory for your PC. It does not just negate the distance between you and your loved ones but also is an important tool to carry out your professional meetings on the go. One can use it at home or office. Travelling for work projects or a luxury pleasure vacation, this webcam will comfortably fit into your laptop bag or suitcase. Hence, it is ideal for those who love staying in touch through a digital presence.

Design that boasts versatility

The side curvatures and minimalistic design makes the device versatile in nature. The gadget has a simple plug-and-play setup that is compatible with its portable design.

Universal clip

The enhanced software capabilities can click up to 5 MP of high-resolution snapshots as it is equipped with an easy-to-use universal clip. With the adept universal clip, you can choose to setup the webcam and attach it not just to your laptop or LCD monitor, but securely onto a shelf or a desk table as well. This is a simple way to carry out video calling and send pictures across the platform. The webcam seamlessly adapts to your preferred system.

Video recording that comes alive

The C170 from Logitech comes in style with an XVGA video recording capability. This means that you can now record HD (High-Definition) quality videos with a resolution that supports a 1024 x 768 aspect ratio. Logitech’s new webcam uses a fluid crystal technology giving sharper couture and minute sound during all conditions. Completely minimising pixilation, the webcam will pick up most from the natural colours and hues of the feed.

Sound that is clear in dynamics

The webcam comes furnished with an in-built mic that carries out noise reduction which is of major help if you are constantly taking up business video calls or messages. The resulting clear tone in conversations helps to eliminate any background noise disturbances giving you a seamless experience. The VGA sensors installed on this webcam renders more natural colouring to your video calls making them not only sharper but crystal clear. Razor sharp images are an important output feature with built-in autofocus that does not blur or distort picture quality even in close-ups.

Product Specifications

This Logitech webcam weighs a mere 204 g and comes in the dimensions of 21.3 x 15.5 x 7.9 cm. The model number of the product is 960-000880. The device also comes with 2 USB ports. Along with the webcam, you will get user documentation, USB cable and product support. The device also comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty calculated from the purchase date.

From the Manufacturer

Smoother. Sharper. Richer. Clearer.

Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology. It’s what makes a Logitech webcam better. It’s smoother video, sharper pictures, richer colors and clearer sound in real-world conditions.

Plug and play

The simple setup will have you video calling your favorite people in no time—on most major IMs.

The real you

Your loved ones will see you in natural color when you talk to them, or you can take photos to share later.

Speak out

You can be heard loud and clear thanks to a built-in microphone that reduces background noise.

Plug-and-play setup, easy to use

With simple plug-and-play setup, you’ll be making video calls in no time on most major IMs.

Clear video calls

With your webcam’s VGA sensor, the people you care about will see you in natural color.

5-megapixel photos

You can take beautiful, high-resolution snapshots up to 5 megapixels

Built-in mic with noise reduction

It gives you clear conversations without annoying background noise.

XVGA video recording

Record lively, colorful videos in XVGA (1024 x 768) resolution and share them with friends, family and the world on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or your blog.

Universal clip

You can attach your webcam securely to a laptop or LCD monitor, or sit it on a shelf or desk.

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  • Plug-and-play setup, easy to use
  • Clear video calls
  • 5-megapixel photos
  • Built-in mic with noise reduction
  • XVGA video recording
  • Universal clip

Technical Specifications

Brand Logitech
Model C170
Type Webcam
Colour Black
Video capture Up to 1024 x 768 pixels
Photos Up to 5 megapixels (software enhanced)
System Requirements 1 GHz (1.6 GHz recommended), 512 MB RAM or more, 200 MB hard drive space, Internet connection and USB 1.1 port (2.0 recommended)
Recommended Dual-core CPU with 1 GB RAM, Broadband Internet with 256 kbps upload or higher
Features Video calling (640 x 480 pixels) with recommended system, Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology, Built-in mic with noise reduction, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified (recommended), Universal clip fits laptops, LCD or CRT monitors, Logitech webcam software: Pan, tilt, and zoom controls, Video and photo capture, Face tracking and Motion detection
Period 2 Year


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