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Belkin F5L071AK200W AC Anywhere and USB Port - Blue

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  • Brand : Belkin
  • Colour: Blue
  • Model number : F5L071AK200W
  • Included Components : A...
  • Cooling fan for temperat...
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Belkin F5L071ak200W AC Anywhere and USB Port Get ready for this gadget which is a portable charging option and you can be rest assured that you are never out of charge when you have to travel those long distances by road. This power packed gadget ensures that you can now play, surf, text and talk for hours and stay connected to the world. With this Belkin F5L071ak200W AC anywhere you can conveniently charge anything right from your laptop to your mobile phone. And why stop at that, you may even use it for a quick shave with your electronic shaver when you have to directly attend a party after a long day of travel. It comes with an inbuilt cooling fan which regulates the temperature and protects it from getting over heated.

The AC anywhere perfectly fits into the cigarette lighter socket in the car and converts the DC power to AC power so that you stay connected at all times. It has a LED power indicator which lets you know about the remaining power in the inverter. It comes with a convenient to use on and off switch, with which you may switch off the inverter when not required, and also has an automatic overheat shut-off feature, which will prevent any damage to your connected gadgets if in case the inverter reaches a temperature of 150 F.

This AC Anywhere inverter comes with a 200 Watt power and features 2 AC outlets, which allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time like multiple cell phones, laptop, MP3 player, etc. At the same time this inverter also protects all the devices that you have connected to it with a unique replaceable 20A fuse which sends an alarm whenever the power goes below 10.6 V and also automatically shuts off if the power goes below 10.6 V. You can shop for this online and stay connected for longer.

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  • Brand :  Belkin
  • Colour:  Blue
  • Model number :  F5L071AK200W
  • Included Components :  AC Anywhere
  • Cooling fan for temperature protection
  • Lifetime Warranty (Max 5 Years)

Technical Specifications

Brand Belkin
Model number F5L071AK200W
Colour blue
O/P Pin Socket One
Output Watts 200W
OutPut Volts 220V AC
Power Input 11-15vDC
Adjustable output Voltage 50Hz
Compatibilty MP3 Player, Cell phones and any other electronics devices.


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