Kingston KVR667D2N51G 1GB DDR2 667 Mhz Desktop RAM

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  • Brand : Kingston
  • 64 x 128 MB DRAM Structure
  • DDR2-667
  • DIMM Memory Module
  • 5 CAS Latency
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Laptops might have taken the world by storm, but there’s no denying the fact that desktops remain a favourite especially for their durability and performance. A major element that aids the performance of a desktop is the RAM that it boasts of. For ages, it has been a key driving factor while deciding on the purchase of a computer.  The Kingston ddr2 RAM is a highly reliable ddr2 when it comes to the performance of your traditional PC. Kingston is an esteemed brand when it comes to bringing quality to your PC and this RAM promises nothing less. It comes with a seller’s warranty of one year which is another factor that works in its favour as compared to its competitors. A RAM quite undoubtedly shapes up your system requirements, but it hardly makes sense to invest in it at a high cost. This is another aspect where the scores above the rest, thanks to its commercially viable pricing.

Memory Type

The RAM comes with a memory type that gives it an edge over the rest. The memory is a ddr2 with a 240 pin configuration and is something that most systems dream of. The memory type assists the desktop in performing without high power consumption. The 240-pin DIMM utilizes gold power fingers which play a major role in restricting the power consumption.

RAM Size & Speed

Another distinguishing point of the Kingston ddr2 is the fact that it is a 1 GB ddr2. This ensures that the RAM helps in smooth running and the end user can be relieved from lags and hanging issues that can be faced due to overburdening your PC’s capacity. This RAM model works on multiple aspects and also swanks of 5 CAS latency.


In particular, this the Kingston ddr2 RAM model assures of 100% compatibility with all desktops in the market. The DIMM memory module works best in ensuring that the RAM stays most compatible and makes way for minimum issues.

Additional Features

The Kingston ddr2 RAMis the ultimate RAM choice for your PC for a range of reasons. It has a burst length of 4 and promises to run the computer system without buffers. The specifications of the length, height and width of the RAM make it an easy fit into your CPU. This high-performing ddr2 with warranty can very well augment your desktop at a lucrative price, provided you buy it at Shipmychip. 

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  • Brand : Kingston
  • 64 x 128 MB DRAM Structure
  • DDR2-667
  • DIMM Memory Module
  • 5 CAS Latency
  • 1.8 V Specified Voltage
  • Unbuffered

Technical Specifications

Memory Clock 667 mhz
CAS Latency 5
Technology SDRAM
Pins 240
Brand Kingston
Memory Type DIMM
Model ID KVR667D2N5/1G
Compatible Devices PC
Burst Length 4
Memory Standard DDR2
Specified Voltage 1.8 v
Storage 1 gb
Period 1
Type 1 Year Seller Warranty


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