Kingston 2GB DDR3 1600 Mhz Desktop RAM

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  • Type : DDR3
  • Capacity : 2 GB
  • Compitable With : Window...
  • Warranty : 3 Years Manuf...

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The RAM is a critical component in a computer because it enables you to access information of data that has recently been stored.  It makes access to information that has been recently accessed easier as they are temporarily stored as can be accessed fast. A RAM of higher memory space and a wider bus is generally preferred for smooth browsing and functioning of a computer. The Kingston ddr3 RAM sold on Shipmychip is one which has both.

Memory Type

The standard memory and size of the RAM from Kingston is 2 GB ddr3. The memory standard is JEDEC with 240 PINS. The RAM from Kingston adheres to JEDEC memory standards, which meets the specs laid out by the Solid State Technology Association, a semiconductor trade and engineering standardization organization. The memory is DDR3 which is the preferred choice as DDR3 memory is known for higher bandwidth and the increase in performance at low power.

RAM Size & Speed

The RAM size of the ddr3 for PC from Kingston is 2GB which is twice the normal RAM memory required or most computers. The speed of the ddr3 with 240 pins configuration is 1600 mhz which is a good speed guaranteed to give you superior performance.


The Kingston ddr3 RAM is compatible with Windows and Linux PC. In case you are looking for a RAM to makes your computer faster, the reliable ddr3 is definitely the ideal option.

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  • Type : DDR3
  • Capacity : 2 GB
  • Compitable With : Windows/Linux
  • Warranty : 3 Years Manufacturer

Technical Specifications

Brand Kingston
Memory Type  
Memory Standard JEDEC
Compatible Device PC
Pins 240
Burst Length 8
Buffered/Unbuffered Unbuffered
Model ID KVR16N11S6A/2-SP
Series Value
Part Number KVR16N11S6A/2-SP
Frequency 1600 Mhz
CAS Latency 40858
Specified Voltage 1.5


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